Minutes and Slides From the Community Call on VA's Digital Health Platform RFI - September 29, 2016

Attached are the minutes and slides from the meeting on 9/29 to discuss and coordinate a response to the VA's Digital Health Platform RFI.

Please use the Community Call: VA's Digital Health Platform RFI group site to provide inputs and collaborate on the draft response.  To subscribe, please sign up (you must be an OSEHRA Associate member (free membership)).

You may also send feedback to Dr. Mun directly via email at - munsk@osehra.org

Timetable for OSEHRA’s Response:

•    Send in comments and material by - 12 pm, Saturday October 1

•    Draft Posting -  4 pm, Monday October 3

•    Final Comments - 9 am, Tuesday October 4

•    Submission - 4 pm, Tuesday October 4

Due date of the RFI is COB Tuesday October 4.