Minutes from PopHealth Developer OSPG Meeting - June 5th 2018

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Meeting Minutes:


  • Discussed the completion of QRDA CAT 1 conformance to CMS submission requirements for the EH programs such as the Hospital IQR.  This capability is now available on the latest build.  We are waiting for the Christian Arias to complete the CPC+ EP program update before issuing a blog that will document the required changes to the popHealth.yml configuration file to submit to each program.


  • In preparation for the CQL based Cypress 4.0 release in July, we did a cursory examination of the Cypress changes from version 3.2 to 4.0.   Raju of Alabama Medicaid will do a in depth analysis on the efforts needed to make the corresponding changes in popHealth.  This including absorbing all the updates to the HDS and QME shared components and integrating the new CQL based components.   One interesting observation from the examination - Cypress will not be using the cdatools Go component for the QRDA CAT1 processing in version 4.0.  Cypress has gone back to use the HDS component for the QRDA CAT1 R5 importing and exporting functions.


  • Raju of Alabama Medicaid mentioned that he fixed the Luke’s Rasmussen failed pull request - https://github.com/OSEHRA/popHealth/pull/101 Multiple threads for patient import.   Raju will submit a pull request for the fix.



Peter Li

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Minutes from PopHealth Developer OSPG Meeting - June 5th 2018

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I am trying to import QRDA1 file in PopHealth 5.1 which contains Intervention order with negation reason. I have used code for intervention order and also used proper negation reason code. The file gets imported properly. I checked DB and seems that it is imported properly with codes. When I try to export the QRDA1 file from PopHealth, somehow Intervention order with negation is not getting exported. Is there any known issue or bug? Same thing happens for Medication Order with negation reason. Just note that I am not using nullFlavor="NA".