New GUI Installer for OSEHRA VistA

OSEHRA GUI Installer


As part of the OSEHRA VistA framework, OSEHRA has maintained a demonstration instance with the installed code which can be accessed by the general public. To aid in this, OSEHRA also provided a Windows executable which installed the correct version of CPRS and generated a shortcut with the correct parameters which allowed the executable to connect to the demonstration instance of OSEHRA VistA.  The demonstration instance of OSEHRA VistA was recently updated with a new set of VistA patches from November to February 2017 and requires a new version of the CPRS executable to connect to it.  

OSEHRA is happy to announce that the next version of that GUI installer is now available and that the programs that are brought over during the installation has expanded significantly.  The “OSEHRA_VISTA_GUI_Demo.msi” file will now install four additional VistA executables in addition to the updated version of CPRS.


The executable can be found here:


This new installer will add:

  • CPRS ( Version )

  • Vitals ( Version )

    • Used to add or view vitals information into/from a patient’s record

  • Vitals Manager (Version )

    • Used to generate templates for Vitals entry and to change the “acceptable” values of vitals measurements

  • Barcode Medication Administration (BCMA) ( Version )

    • Used to record administration and maintain a log of the administration of patient medications

  • BCMA Parameters ( Version )

    • Used to manage the BCMA infrastructure



  • Before running BCMA:

    • The BCMA Executable uses the RPCSharedBrokerSessionMgr executable to communicate with the VistA instance.  The BCMA executable should be run with “Administrator Privileges” when executed for the first time.  It should not require administrator privileges in all other executions.


  • Error on first BCMA connection?

    • When trying to connect BCMA for the first time, you may be presented with the following error message:  

    • If you do receive this, sign in with the BCMA Parameters GUI and select the Division that you are attempting to sign into.  The BCMA Parameters will then let you select “BCMA On-Line” for the division which will let you sign in with the BCMA GUI.  This step should only need to be performed a single time.



Re: New GUI Installer for OSEHRA VistA

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Astronaut has had a NSIS GUI based VistA client installer for many years that predates OSEHRA. It installs all of these executables and is production quality. Astronaut also has a comprehensive yum and apt-get VistA server installer for a very long time that took 3 years to develop.  I wonder why OSEHRA keeps duplicating things that have been done by others long before OSEHRA existed? 


This Astronaut GUI client

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This Astronaut GUI client installer is now licensed Apache 2.0 here: