New VistA Security Document Released for Comment

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The VistA Security Technical Working Group (TWG) has released the initial version of their security strategy document, entitled Maintaining a Production VistA EHR: Security Issues, and Mitigation and Remediation Strategies.  The Open Source Electronic Health Record Alliance (OSEHRA) is soliciting comments from the community on this document.

The VistA Security TWG, co-chaired by Terry Luedtke (VA) and Mike Henderson (DSS, Inc.), was the first working group established by OSEHRA under VA contract VA118-16-C-0841, Open Source Technical Support and Working Group Services for VA VistA. This contract called for the establishment of technical working groups that would increase communication between VA and the open source community, elaborate on VA requirements, and solicit feedback from the community on how to improve those requirements.

OSEHRA encourages the community to comment using the PDF comment form provided along with the document.  The document itself is provided with this message in both normal and line-numbered format.  The point of contact for questions, and for returning completed comment forms, is Anthony Fischetti ( comment period will close on Monday, June 5, so that comments can be compiled and reviewed prior to the OSEHRA Summit.