Open Source Licensing Guide for Contractors, Version 2.0

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Many of our members are government contractors, and over the years we’ve received numerous questions from them (and also from government contracting officers) about open source licensing. Some of the most common questions are about the difference between open source and public domain software. In 2016, we put together a document entitled Open Source Licensing Under the Apache License Version 2.0 - A (Reasonably) Short Contractor’s Guide. We kept it in limited distribution to get feedback.  

A few months ago, George Tereschuk signed on as a consultant to the OSEHRA staff. George just retired from a career in government procurement, most recently at the VA TAC, and has a wealth of experience in software licensing and intellectual property. With George’s help, we’ve expanded the Guide (we think it’s still “reasonably” short…) and produced Version 2.0. Note that the document is limited to licensing under the Apache License Version 2.0, which is the license recommended by OSEHRA. We’re now doing a wider distribution to the community. We hope you find it useful, and invite you to comment to