OSEHRA Announces Victory Programming Environment (VPE) Version 14.2!

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OSEHRA is pleased to announce Version 14.2 of the Victory Programming Environment (VPE). VPE is a proven, terminal-based, integrated development environment written in MUMPS that provides developers with a wide variety of tools for creating and working with MUMPS programs and data structures. While it was initially designed with VistA in mind, it can also be effective in other MUMPS environments.

VPE has been used unofficially in the VA for many years. This improved version will be maintained as open source code (under the Apache License Version 2.0) by the OSEHRA open source community. VPE 14.2 has been certified at OSEHRA Level 3™ and the source code is available for download from OSEHRA. It has also been added to the VA’s Technical Reference Model (TRM) and has been published internally – it should appear in the public TRM this week.

Version 14.2 includes the following enhancements:

  • VPE now automatically uses the whole screen, and automatically resizes it
    based on the terminal emulator dimensions, rather than being stuck to

  • To ease future maintenance, all code that was previously in globals
    has been moved out of globals into routines.

  • VPE previously occupied multiple M namespaces, and had both % and
    non-% routines. VPE Version 14.2 has been consolidated into a single namespace,
    XV, with no % routines.

Please direct any questions to info@osehra.org.