OSEHRA Board Election Results

OSEHRA’s Board of Directors met last week, and while reviewing the nominees for this year's Board member election, decided to exercise one of two available Board expansion seats.  Prior to this meeting, we were poised to start the Board election today, with Robert Missroon of DSS, Inc. running unopposed for the Open Source Industry Seat, and two candidates for the Organizational Membership Seat (Mike O’Neill, of Medicasoft, and George Rollins, of Perspecta). 

With the expansion, all three candidates are essentially running unopposed.  The Board voted to accept all three nominations, so Robert Missroon, Mike O'Neill, and George Rollins will all begin their new terms as OSEHRA Directors on October 1, 2018.  Congratulations to all, and thank you to those who participated in the process.

Special thanks to our Nominating Committee (Chair Rick Avila from Paraxial, Bill Hoffman from Kitware, and James Tong from Perspecta) for their help in soliciting and verifying the nominations.