OSEHRA Education Portal Expanded

OSEHRA is pleased to report that we have greatly expanded and updated our online Education Portal. Revamped with an improved layout and modern look, the portal now provides more educational resources than ever before. With assistance from our in-house EHR expert, Sam Habiel, PharmD, a new Sample EHR Curriculum is available for developers and informaticists interested in learning more about EHRs and VistA. We have also archived a large excerpt of technical videos and presentations from VA's myVeHU Campus program via FOIA request, thanks to community member Nancy Anthracite, MD.

The Educational Portal is a community resource maintained by OSEHRA staff and contains content from OSEHRA, its members, and the community at large. It provides a first-stop for anyone interested in learning more about open source and EHRs in general, particularly VA’s VistA. All of our new content is available here and can be located under the Technical Resources tab of our website. We welcome any comments and suggestions so we can make this as useful as possible for the community. Thank you to all who have contributed to this enhanced resource.