OSEHRA popHealth Steering/Developer Open Source Project Group Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes:


Status update for popHealth v6 release:

  • Status of popHealth version 6 certification by InfoGard –

Submitted QRDA CAT1 and CAT3 test results for c2 and c3 criteria to InfoGard – an ONC approved ATCB.   Awaiting for test report from InfoGard.  If all goes well, we should receive certification in the coming weeks.

  • Continue to build the mapping of C-CDA data element to HQMF OIDs.  This mapping is required to resolve both data import and migration issues for C-CDA documents.
  • Tom Arnold of Medsphere asked a question and suggested a new feature:
    • Any documentation on PopHealth performance scaling for working with large data set?  The answer is “none exist currently”.  So if anyone has  documentations  on working with large data sets, such as MongoDB optimization, horizontal scaling, etc., please send me the information.   I will compile those documentation and make them available to the entire community.
    • Add a new feature to popHealth that will display the specific criteria met by a given patient for being included in the designated population groups, i.e. , denominator, numerator, denom-exception, denom-exclusion.  The data criteria displayed should include the clinical terminology defined in the patient data and the corresponding value set.