OSEHRA popHealth Steering/Developer Open Source Project Group Meeting Today at 2 PM ET

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  • C-CDA import status.  Address questions Submitted by John Sheffield of Premier, Inc.
    • * What is the scope of Raju’s effort? Does he plan to include the ability for calculating all eCQMs from CMS?
    • * When is the timeline for Raju to complete his work? Will his work be ready for integration by the end of August?
    • * If the deadline for Raju goes beyond August, is there a way for us to work with you to accelerate the importing of the CCDA?


  • Features and issues to be addressed in the coming weeks
    • Migration of CCDA imported data from v5.1 to v6.0
    • MIPS program submission validation
    • Display of criteria met by a patient for inclusion into a population group, i.e., NUM, DENOM, etc.



Date and Time:  Tuesday July 16th, 2-3 PM ET



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