OSEHRA Releases popHealth v6.0

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OSEHRA is pleased to announce the release of Version 6.0 of the popHealth® open source clinical quality measure database and reporting engine. This new release is certified to the 2015 Edition Health IT Module certification for Clinical Quality Measure (CQM) reporting criteria: (c)2-4 for the calendar year 2019 performance period – see Certified HIT Product Listing.

This release is the culmination of collective efforts by members of the OSEHRA popHealth Steering Work Group and the Developer Open Source Project Group. In particular, the Alabama Medicaid Agency provided all of development resources to achieve the certification for the 2019 performance period. Organizational Members Medsphere, Oroville Hospital, and Zato Health collaborated with other organizations in the community to provide expert advice and testing support. Zato Health also helped defray the cost of the 2015 edition certification.

Major features of v6.0 include:

• Support for c2, c3, and c4 certification criteria;
• Support of the eCQM for the 2019 reporting period: 56 EP/EC and 16 EH eCQMs;
• Updated HDS to conform with the latest QRDA CAT1 R5 and CAT 3 R2.1 standards;
• Migration utility for migrating v5.1 patient database to v6.0;
• Validated QRDA CAT1 document for conformance to CMS submission requirement for the hospital quality reporting programs; and
• Displays measure logic in Clinical Quality Language (CQL).

For more information, or to participate in this open source project, please go to the OSEHRA popHealth webpage. Interested parties may download v6.0 here. To read more about this update, see our full press release here.