OSEHRA RFI Responses Posted

Following our community call on April 17, OSEHRA received feedback from multiple members suggesting that we reply to the VA RFIs on “Supplemental Commercial Health Information Technology Platform”, and “VistA Commercialization”.  While we obviously do not compete for such contracts, the members felt that we could offer comments on the requirements from an open source perspective.  Accordingly, OSEHRA submitted responses to each of the RFIs.  Copies of these responses were made available to our members on the day of submission.  We are now making them available for public review on our website.  The documents may be viewed at OSEHRA Response to Supplemental Commercial Health Information Technology Platform, and OSEHRA Response to VistA Commercialization.




Gary Jones's picture

I love the fact that you are being financed now instead of tax payer dollars.

But most importantly, is the fact that you have accompolished something after 5 years finally!