OSEHRA Vision Document Released

Don Hewitt's picture

In January of this year, OSEHRA and Organizational Member DSS, Inc. convened the Community Vision and Strategy Work Group.  I co-chaired this group with Alyssa Stanley (DSS, Inc.), and we had several great calls and a ton of input from members.  Those of you interested in hearing the recordings of the calls, or seeing the many opinions and reference links offered by the group members should visit the work group page.  Although no further group meetings are planned, we will leave the group page on the site through the remainder of 2017 so that the many inputs and comments remain available. 

In the aftermath of all this effort, the challenge for OSEHRA was to somehow synthesize a document that captured a sense of the shared vision while maintaining a focus on our open source mission.  We had originally tried to capture this in outline form via a PowerPoint briefing, but the information overwhelmed the medium.  Instead, the OSEHRA staff put together a white paper to describe what a national healthcare IT infrastructure might look like if VA chose to take a leadership role.  Like any composite paper, it is the result of myriad decisions on “what to leave in, what to leave out.”  In the end, we hope the community will find it useful and we thank all of you who shared your hope and passion in the process.