popHealth Steering/User Workgroup

The steering and user workgroup meetings for popHealth are being combined for the month of June.

* Dev workgroup report - Nick Martinez, Peter Li
o popHealth v4.2 August release update
* OSEHRA Certification - Peter Li
* Data Extraction Group - Gary Parker/Jason Phipps
o Follow-ups from last meeting:
* Gary will reach out to a contact at ONC to find out if Mark M is still involved with popHealth. Jason may also try to reach out to him.
* Jason is conducting interviews with people who have interfaces so we can have a glossary of interfaces.
* popHealth User Group - Jackie Mulhall
* OSEHRA Summit - Peter
* Roadmap - follow-up items
o Jackie reviewed and sent Peter feedback on what the questions should be on survey. Jason thought it looked good. Peter will send it out to the old mailing list plus anyone new on the popHealth groups this week. Jason would like to use the survey results and then conduct some follow-up interviews.
o Texas has developed a list of items that are highly likely to be developed by them. Hopefully this year.
* Gary Parker and AL Medicaid are looking at the list and identified some that they are also working on so he will coordinate with Texas. AL has been working on CCD issue for 4.1. Does not matter if the encounter information is in the CCD - they can create it.
* Jason will volunteer to pull together a list of who is currently doing what. Anyone who knows anything anyone is currently working on for popHealth.
* Peter Li will get the list of enhancements that Northwestern is making. He will compile a list of enhancements various teams are working on and share with the group at our next meeting.
o Stories - Jason will put the Texas items in his tool Pivotal Tracker for story boarding to see if that is a format people like. He will do that once they have popHealth installed with Docker. Then they will start adding their desired features into Tracker and invite other people in. Focus first is documenting popHealth as-is then can describe it in this "language" in tracker.
* ECHO (Extension for Community Health Outcomes) model
* 2015 Certification - Peter Li
* Open Forum

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