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Yes, that is correct to the best of my knowledge – the “Lighthouse” APIs are backed by CDW, not VistA directly. So there is a lag in data freshness (don’t know what it is exactly, may be a day or two) and the data cannot really be used
for critical care as its accuracy cannot be 100% vouched for (there’s a fair amount of “munging” sometimes of the data in CDW on its way from VistA). I have questions, too, as to the future of CDW as VA is already developing APIs directly to VistA through
VDIF and soon Cerner will be an additional API for VA data. I can’t see how CDW figures into that but perhaps someone else can enlighten me.


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I understand that the VA API’s recently announced are to the CDW.  I have always been curious how API’s to the CDW “relational” store compares to the potential API’s directly to VistA (hierarchical)?  Particularly since  data gets to CDW
using Cache.  Appears there is significant dependency on “Intersystems” either way?  Which is fine.  My questions are routed in timeliness, performance, and data integrity.  If we are looking at patient centric technology for Care Coordination, these factors


douglas rosendale



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Hi Jason,

Do you know who at VA this leading the mapping effort?  OSEHRA will be setting up a new group - FHIR on VistA next month that plans to develop an open source FHIR v4 interface for
VistA.  It would be great if we can get VA to share this information, i.e., technical documentation with the open source community.  We plan to implement the full Argonaut profile.




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