Recording and Slides - OSEHRA AWG Presentation - An Update on Immunization Calculation Engine, Dr. Noam Arzt, HLN Consulting, LLC - 04-22-2019

Thank to Dr. Noam Arzt for an excellent update on the Immunization Calculation Engine (ICE).

Here are the recording and the slides.

Here is a short list of ICE future plans:

ICE Feature


Additional Information

Rule updates

ACIP Update

March 2019: Release v1.16.1

• Changes with 2019 Immunization Schedule

• Updates from February 2019 ACIP Meeting

• Updates to align with CDSi

HALO Rules


Health, Age, Lifestyle, Occupation input values

CAT Authoring Tool


Allows users to author School Rules (and other rules) on top of ICE forecasting

‘Assumed Complete’ Feature


Option for a provider to indicate that a patient has had all of their doses to complete a vaccine group series

Forecast Expiration Date


Date at which (but not before which) the patient's record should be re-evaluated

FHIR Compatibility for ICE Service


Tied to ballot for FHIR HL7 IG for Immunization