Summit 2017 Proceedings Available

I would like to thank all those who participated in the 2017 Open Source Summit. Many of you contributed to the success of this year’s event by serving as sponsors, exhibitors, session chairs, moderators, speakers, panel members, committee members, poster presenters, Leadership Award recipients, and engaged attendees. Thank you all for sharing your talent and time with us this year.

The 2017 Summit proceedings page is now posted here on our website. This year's proceedings include videos of the keynote address and plenary sessions. You will also find excellent track session and round table presentations that you might have missed. You can also access this year's proceedings by selecting "2017 OSEHRA Summit Proceedings" on the OSEHRA homepage

Every Summit has a unique place in the life of open source health IT and the VistA community. This year, VA’s recent announcement of adopting a common EHR platform with the Department of Defense offers the exciting challenge of developing a health IT ecosystem with many heterogeneous subsystems. The success of this ecosystem will facilitate better care for our veterans and also serve as a national example for the private sector, which is facing similar challenges. As many Summit participants commented, we believe that open source, open API's, and open platforms will be essential in "future-proofing" the ecosystem and supporting rapid innovation. 

We hope to see all of you next year to assess our progress on this great initiative. We are currently exploring dates in June and July of 2018, and will announce next year's date in the very near future. Please also stay tuned for our forthcoming Summit survey. We want to hear your suggestions and feedback on this year's Summit so that we can improve your experience every year.  

Seong K. Mun, PhD
President and CEO