Topics list and updates for 4/17/17 Meeting - PLEASE READ

Good Morning All. Below are updates from the DSS team and suggested topics for the next Open Source Meeting. Please reply with questions, concerns or comments.

  1. March 27, 2017 – OSEHRA announced that Version 5.0 of the popHealth® open-source clinical quality measure database and reporting engine has completed certification.  The new release is certified as a 2015 Edition Health IT Module for Clinical Quality Measure (CQM) reporting criteria: (c)2-4, (d)1-3, (g)4, and (g)5 (CHPL Certification ID: IG-3684-17-0010). 

    Major enhancements of v5.0 include:

  • Ability to filter patient data and Clinical Quality Management results by patient demographics and provider information

  • Quality Reporting Document Architecture (QRDA) Category 1 export of patient data

  • Enhanced audit log recording and reporting

  • Allows providers and practices to compare their current quality measure progress against a configurable list of static baselines/goals

  • Technology stack updates and performance improvements


2. IHS patch 8 for HL7 – we were going to discuss with Sam to see if that can be exported to a KIDS build for the community.

3. We started to review Immunization with ICE – also DSS started the HIMSS Immunizations Integration Program - Interoperability Project


  1. Workflow 1: Register and Identify a Patient
  2. Workflow 2: Manage External Query, Response, and Reconciliation
  3. Workflow 3: Manage Information For Clinical Decision Making
  4. Workflow 4: Manage Inventory
  5. Workflow 5: Administer and Report Immunization
  6. Workflow 6: Manage Cohort of Patients
  7. Workflow 7: Manage Adverse Event Reporting
  8. Workflow 8: Provide Patient Access

4. EBrito will discuss with OSEHRA about creating a space on GIT hub to hold our MU patches for community intake.