Updated Release of FOIA-RPMS Docker and ViViaN-R Available

Peter Li's picture

The OSEHRA Technical team is pleased to announce the availability of the September FOIA-RPMS Docker container and the ViViaN-R™ (Visualizing VistA and Namespace - RPMS). The ViViaN-R now displays the same expanded list of information available in the VistA ViViaN and has a new display for menus found in the "PROTOCOL" file, a bolstered list of "Interfaces", and additional displays of Package Dependency. The accompanying DOX pages contain new information on "Package Components" found within the RPMS installation. These "Package Components", including List and Print Templates, Forms, and Keys, have information parsed by a community-updated XINDEX and can be found in the dependency information of routines and packages.

OSEHRA has also streamlined the installation steps for RPMS Windows clients, such as the VueCentric application, and created a live instance of RPMS on the OSEHRA demo site at demo.osehra.org. Once you have installed the VueCentric client, you will be able to login to the OSEHRA RPMS demo server.

We invite community members to take a look at the new FOIA-RPMS Docker and ViViaN-R™. For installation instructions visit https://hub.docker.com/r/osehra/rpms/.  If you have questions or comments, please contact us at info@osehra.org.