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Synthetic Patient Data / FHIR on VistA Open Source Project

The software components developed under the Synthetic Patient Data and the FHIR on VistA Open Source Projects provide a complete VistA test or development environment that allows high quality synthetic patient data generation and standard FHIR based API patient data access in VistA - see the diagram below for the components used in the VistA testbed.

Synthetic Patient Data Open Source Project Group

In November 2017, OSEHRA launched the Synthetic Patient Data Open Source Project Group, sponsored by Organizational Member Perspecta. The group was chartered to develop an open source toolset for generating clinically valid synthetic patient data and loading it into VistA. Upon evaluating available open source synthetic patient generators, the group decided to use the SyntheaTM software developed by The MITRE Corporation for the synthetic patient generation. 

The ongoing progress of the group is headed by two efforts:

  1. Developing software that loads patients into VistA; and
  2. Creating SyntheaTM Disease Modules to be incorporated into SyntheaTM.

FHIR on VistA Open Source Project Group

In March 2019, OSEHRA launched the the FHIR on VistA Open Source Project Group, sponsored by Organizational Member Perspecta.  The purpose of the group is to develop and promote standards-based FHIR APIs on the VistA platform for high-value data sets, and align previously developed VistA APIs to the current FHIR standards to promote interoperability across platforms and systems.  

The diagram below shows the components developed by the two project groups.  Note that the VistA FHIR REST Services is a M-based component that contains M routines managed by both groups.