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Fileman 22.2 Deployment by VA Achieves a Major Open Source Goal

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For the past several months we have been sharing the news of VA's integration of the OSEHRA-certified MSC Fileman 22.2 into their enterprise version of VistA. This integration has been a milestone in the agency's adoption of community-based open source enhancements, the development of which involved many dedicated community members over more than a decade.

FLAP and Fileman Code Convergence

One of the two top strategic goals for FLAP Phase One (which ran from October 2012 through March 2013) was code convergence, to create a shared, common Fileman codebase that all VISTA dialects could run, to maximize our ability to exchange data and software with one another, to ensure that innovations anywhere became innovations everywhere as quickly as possible, and to reduce the amount of reinventing the wheel we had to do.

The main VISTA dialects we aimed at converging for Phase One were:



3) WorldVistA EHR

4) vxVistA, and

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