Source of DICOM Images for Testing

During today's imaging work group call I mentioned that The Cancer Imaging Archive(TCIA) is available as a source of test images.  TCIA is an open access information repository to support cancer research.  It is also a ready source of DICOM images from most modalities and vendors that can be used for testing purposes.  You can review the available images on the collections page.

Welcome to the OSEHRA Imaging Group

Welcome to the OSEHRA Imaging Group everyone!

Let's start by opening a conversation about the groups' goals and activities.

Luis Ibanez said: "One of the targets that we have for the immediate future is to extend EWD and VistACom to display medical images that have been extracted from a PACS system."


So I would like to propose some structure for the goals (by priority) regarding medical images in EHRa:

1) Display

2) Tools (basic and advanced)

Proposal to create an "Imaging Group" in OSEHRA

Hello everybody,

I just joined OSEHRA as suggested by Dr. Seong K. Mun and Dr. Fred Prior (thank you both!). I am thrilled to join this incredible community.

Here is my first "contribution" to the group: I would like to propose the creation of an Imaging Group in OSEHRA.

After nearly a decade involved in the development of medical imaging software, I believe imaging is a rapidly growing and important part of any Healthcare IT solution.

What do you think. How do we go about it?

Looking forward to your feedback,

Jorge Cortell

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