New OSEHRA Technical Journal Submission: EWD.js

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A new submission has been added to the OSEHRA Technical Journal.

Title: EWD.js
Authors: Rob Tweed

EWD.js is a Node.js / JavaScript framework for creating browser-based client/server applications and secure Web Services It is designed for use with Mumps databases and applications (eg Cache and GT.M) Full details: http://www.mgateway.com

Download and review this publication at: http://hdl.handle.net/10909/118

Major New EWD Build


The latest EWD version: Build 952, is now available at https://github.com/robtweed/EWD

This has been released in association with ewdGateway2: a new- generation Node.js-based EWD gateway for both GT.M and Cache (https://github.com/robtweed/ewdGateway2)

The two products together introduce a major new set of functionality for EWD, including:

- Use of the high-performance native Node.js interface in the very latest versions of Cache


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