Non-routine Software Elements Part 1: Data and Definitions

Yes, but what is VISTA made of?
So at the MUMPS level, VISTA is made of two kinds of software elements, routines and globals. Routines are readily version-controlled and managed (in theory) using industry-standard tools, but globals are not. Globals need to be flattened and exported in some way that focuses on the database files we are storing in those globals.

MUMPS Software Elements

What is VISTA made of?
The OSEHRA Forum project is about upgrading how VISTA is developed, distributed, installed, and version-controlled. This makes a lot more sense if you know know what VISTA's made of. It's different from software written in other programming languages, which changes how you can manage it.
The VISTA server software - which is most of VISTA - is written in MUMPS, the only major programming language created specifically for writing medical software. OSEHRA Forum focuses on the MUMPS parts of VISTA.

OSEHRA Forum Sprint 5

OSEHRA Forum Sprint Five (15-19 September) took us back to our preferred schedule of one-week sprints. Here we dug into the tough work of managing required patches across multiple patch streams.
Joel Ivey continued on the patch-record side of the problem, ensuring that each patch distributes to each VISTA system a record describing itself, and which the Build and Install records at each site can point to, so we understand what we're installing.

OSEHRA Forum Sprint 4

OSEHRA Forum Sprint Four, the first of Milestone B, was a long sprint (three weeks, 25 August to 12 September) to work around the OSEHRA Summit. This sprint started into the challenge of ensuring required patches are properly identified and checked. This is a safety issue, since the list of required patches helps ensure that patches are not installed out of order, which could cause corruption of the data and/or algorithms.

As Forum delivery nears, your input is needed

As we conclude the first phase of the development of OSEHRA Forum, I want to thank everyone who's been involved in its specification and development.  We hope you will be able to attend our teleconference this afternoon, Monday, June 9, at 1:00 p.m. EDT, where we will discuss avenues and schedules for uptake and planning for the next phase of development.

We are particularly interested to know when you and your organization anticipate being ready to use OSEHRA Forum, so we'll be looking for your input to that part of our discussion today.


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