EU-US eHealth Cooperation Initiative

Probably OSHERA can provide great insights to the EU-US eHealth Cooperation Initiative. No dobt the biggest yield in the OSHERA program is while VistA achieves Gen 3 level, where EBM and such are better enabled, historical data can open up vistas of opportunities kindling the entire health community world-wide, who mining through millions of records can certainly hope for wider opportunities of serendipitous discoveries.


See thought provoking blog, " The right and wrong decision", from Joseph Conn in ModernHealthcare.Com ... "IT Everything"


Please see Joseph Conn's interesting post on the future of the iEHR (Integrated Electronic Health Record), in his "IT Everything" blog in  

In light of the recent decision to modify the acquisition strategy for the DOD/VA iEHR, Mr. Conn reviews the history of how we have arrived at this point, and his suggestions on how we should proceed going forward.

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See Nextgov Article on iEHR - "To Cut Costs, Defense and VA Scrap Plans for New Electronic Health Record"



"Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki announced late Tuesday they would forgo plans to build a new health records system to be used jointly by the departments and instead pursue less expensive technologies to make their respective systems more interoperable. ....."



The VA's MOCHA (Medication Order Check Healthcare Application) Interface

In getting a note together on MOCHA, the VA's FDB interface, I think I see Cache classes. PSSHTTP.m is the file that posts XML to a VA server that sits between the Pharmacy Package in VistA and FDB's servers. Here's a line ...

SET PSS("result")=##class( ("restObject").HttpResponse.Data, .DOCHAND)

And another file, PSSFDBRT, a key one, has ...


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