New OSEHRA Technical Journal Submission: EWD.js

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A new submission has been added to the OSEHRA Technical Journal.

Title: EWD.js
Authors: Rob Tweed

EWD.js is a Node.js / JavaScript framework for creating browser-based client/server applications and secure Web Services It is designed for use with Mumps databases and applications (eg Cache and GT.M) Full details:

Download and review this publication at:

Announcing the VistA Novo Project

A new OSEHRA open source project has just been launched to create an open source toolkit developers can use to build VistA-based applications using mainstream development environments. The project, called VistA Novo, will initially focus on supporting JavaScript (using node.js)—additional environments that could be supported in the future include Ruby on Rails and Python.

Phoenix Rising: Exposing M to Javascript in Node.js

Rob Tweed has been quite busy reporting on the great initiative
of making the M database accessible to the Node.js language.


This effort has the potential of revitalizing the M community and
bringing in the thousands of young developers that are needed
to support, maintain and imporve the large base of healthcare
systems based on M.


See Rob's Blog series at

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