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What is VISTA made of?
The OSEHRA Forum project is about upgrading how VISTA is developed, distributed, installed, and version-controlled. This makes a lot more sense if you know know what VISTA's made of. It's different from software written in other programming languages, which changes how you can manage it.
The VISTA server software - which is most of VISTA - is written in MUMPS, the only major programming language created specifically for writing medical software. OSEHRA Forum focuses on the MUMPS parts of VISTA.

Phoenix Rising: Exposing M to Javascript in Node.js

Rob Tweed has been quite busy reporting on the great initiative
of making the M database accessible to the Node.js language.


This effort has the potential of revitalizing the M community and
bringing in the thousands of young developers that are needed
to support, maintain and imporve the large base of healthcare
systems based on M.


See Rob's Blog series at

Can a Phoenix arise from the ashes of Mumps?

Rob Tweed's picture

If VistA is to survive as a viable application into the future, it's going to be essential to recruit a new generation of developers.  However, recent attempts to train new Mumps developers are proving unsuccessful in terms of retention rates.  Meanwhile. the pool of skilled Mumps developers is shrinking, but the legacy Mumps code in VistA ain't going away soon.  A ticking time-bomb with no clear solution on the horizon.


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