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Entity Mapper for Qualitative Data Visualization Released - Demo 04/10/14

Hi All,

We're happy to announce the release of the Entity Mapper - an open source project for qualitative data visualization!

The Entity Mapper provides a way for researchers to visualize qualitative, coded data through node-and-link relationships, and helps to identify relationships in data that may not have been otherwise readily apparent.  

Announcing the VistA Novo Project

A new OSEHRA open source project has just been launched to create an open source toolkit developers can use to build VistA-based applications using mainstream development environments. The project, called VistA Novo, will initially focus on supporting JavaScript (using node.js)—additional environments that could be supported in the future include Ruby on Rails and Python.

Open Source Summit v3.0

Hello All,

For those of you who may not be aware of this upcoming conference, I thought I'd pass the word as it looks very relevant to some fo the ongoing discussions in and around OSEHRA's activities.

The Open Source Summit v3.0: Communities is an event that works to enhance "government understanding of open source software, hardware, and data communities - how they function, how to engage existing communities, and how to establish new ones."  Best of all, the conference is free, but starts tomorrow -

- Chris


MedicaSoft Joins OSEHRA as Newest Corporate Member ... Appoints Mike O'Neill, former VA Senior Advisor, CEO


Arlington, Virginia – May 1, 2013  - OSEHRA, the Open Source Electronic Health Record Agent, a nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating innovation in electronic health record software, announced today that MedicaSoft, LLC, has joined the OSEHRA community as a Corporate Member.

Space Limited: Join us..."V13-02 Bridging the Public and Private Sector OS Activities", Dr Seong Ki Mun, CEO, OSEHRA, Presenting


On behalf of OSEHRA Member, Fabian Lopez and the DSS, Inc. vxJourney VistA Webinar series, please join us for the  "V13-02 Bridging the Public and Private Sector Open Source (OS) Activities" webinar, featuring Dr. Seong Ki Mun, PhD, CEO and President, OSEHRA...

The webinar is tomorrow, Thursday, March 28, 2013 from 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT.


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