Welcome to the OSEHRA Imaging Group

Welcome to the OSEHRA Imaging Group everyone!

Let's start by opening a conversation about the groups' goals and activities.

Luis Ibanez said: "One of the targets that we have for the immediate future is to extend EWD and VistACom to display medical images that have been extracted from a PACS system."


So I would like to propose some structure for the goals (by priority) regarding medical images in EHRa:

1) Display

2) Tools (basic and advanced)

Proposal to create an "Imaging Group" in OSEHRA

Hello everybody,

I just joined OSEHRA as suggested by Dr. Seong K. Mun and Dr. Fred Prior (thank you both!). I am thrilled to join this incredible community.

Here is my first "contribution" to the group: I would like to propose the creation of an Imaging Group in OSEHRA.

After nearly a decade involved in the development of medical imaging software, I believe imaging is a rapidly growing and important part of any Healthcare IT solution.

What do you think. How do we go about it?

Looking forward to your feedback,

Jorge Cortell

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