Patient-centered Care

Patient Centered Care and Portability Workgroup reviltalization

On April 23, a small group of interested parties gathered to discuss ways to re-energize this important workgroup. We briefly discussed why participation has fallen off without coming to any solid conclusion, but agreed that we would like to continue in some form.

We will be taking a brief hiatus, until mid-May, to gather feedback and line up guest speakers. I am providing a couple of links to Doodle Polls, one for changing the time slot, if desired, and one for topic preferences.

Heath System Leaders Working Towards High Value Care through Integration of Care and Research, Apr. 23-24

Although this is short notice, and it conflicts with our regular call, which is of great importance this week, I wanted to bring this workshop to the attention of the group. It is being web-cast in it's entirety and you can register to participate is as much or as little as you desire.

Is Use of Mobile Electronic Devices in Health Care Hazardous to Anyone's Health?

As I contemplated writing this piece over the past few months, I had generally assumed that I would be reporting on the overall goals of the Patient-Centered Care and Portability working group, but this month a topic came up in the weekly call that seems so important that I decided to focus on it.

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