Ray Group acquired by PWC: who is responsible for refactoring project?

On Nov. 12  PwC US announced that it has acquired  Ray Group International, LLC (RGI), a consulting firm specializing in information technology (IT) and program management consulting services for federal government entities.

Links here:

Where does this leave the refactoring project that was contracted to Ray Group? Does anyone have an update from PWC on this?

‘It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight…’ [Survivor]

So it seems that with two Sprints under our belts we’re ready to take on another!  Sprint 2 really let us hit the ground running, and Sprint 3 is looking like it will put us in a really stable place in terms of what we can offer for a refactored Problem List module.

Some of the high-level success of Sprint 2 were:

Busy, busy bees


We apologize for not providing an update last Friday - we are in the process of finalizing some larger deliverables that are due at the end of this month; they are fundamental for helping us choose which module(s) to start refactoring.  Hopefully we’ll have more for everyone to read sometime near the middle/end of next week.  Until then, please feel free to leave any comments, questions, or start a discussion thread.  Have a great holiday weekend, everyone!

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