Now 3 standard output formats for any VistA data and "Linked Data" too

For a while now, you've been able to extract any data - Patient, Institution, Knowhow or System - from any VistA using FMQL, the FileMan Query Language. Open source FMQL projects FileMan as a "web of data" - it's based on SPARQL, the w3c's semantic web language - and to it, data is just data with all of VistA's 2500+ files treated the same way. This contrasts with the myriad of "data type specific" extractors VistA supports today. I'd just like to point out two upgrades in progress. Not just JSON - RDF and HTML too

Semantic VistA: Analytics to support VistA Data Insertion

I've gathered the VistA Analytics reports Caregraf's built up and put them into a Semantic VistA "Analytics Corner". I think some may be useful for the Architecture effort. Most were focused on analyzing VistA's Data and Schema to drive patient, setup and VistA know-how extraction using FMQL; the latest were done as part of OSEHRA's convergence effort. The next push will be information to fully support graph/data insertion, a logical follow-on to full data extraction.
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