Question for Scripts when running Vista through Vagrant

I'm running a vagrant instance of VistA and was trying to install VPE inside the Vagrant VM running VistA and Mumps. However, all the scripts on on my local macintosh. How can I access those scripts since so many of them are necessary for the VPE patch. I know there is a function for shared folders on vagrant so do I use that? If so how? Or do I need to reinstall all the scripts on the virtual machine?


Hello All, 

I am a physician and I recently moved abroad and would like to  continue to use CPRS/Vista for patient care. I came across OSEHRA during my research and for the last week I have been trying to install the program with NO luck. I have carefully folled Christopher edwards video at and read the detailed instructions but I encounter multiple errors (i believe during the download process of files, some files are not getting downloaded). 

VA Updates VistA 4 Roadmap

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The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has updated their VistA 4 Roadmap.  The update was sent to Congress last week, and has been provided to OSEHRA for posting.  Many thanks to those of you who responded (both online and offline) to our call for comments on February 4.  Further comments on the updated document are welcome.


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