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Mr. Marshall is a health IT executive, policy expert, strategist, planner, project manager, and entrepreneur specializing in VISTA enterprises and projects. He has served on the board of three organizations and founded and been chief executive officer at two, including the VISTA Expertise Network, which he runs. Mr. Marshall’s executive work is informed by deep technical mastery of the subject, because he is also a tier-five, master-hardhat VISTA developer who has implemented, programmed, written about, taught about, and strategized about VISTA for twenty-eight years. He served as a VISTA computer specialist with the VA for nineteen years, including twelve years working on the Task Manager and File Manager software. He is the lead instructor in the Network’s Paideia Project and a principal MUMPS Books author; with co-author Kathy Ice he is currently writing VISTA Mastery, an introduction to VISTA's architecture and lifecycle for project planners and managers (scheduled for publication September 2012).

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