2012-01-31 AWG Minutes

2012-01-31 AWG Minutes

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  • 17 Sep 2011           Initial 2011 System Architecture baseline
  • 06 Dec 2011           validated  2011 System Architecture baseline
  • 17 Mar 2012 “strawman” Product Definition and Roadmap
  • 17 Jun 2012  “ironman” Production Definition and Roadmap.
  • 01 Oct 2012  Product definition & certification for all 126 hospitals



               (Related slides & spread sheets are posted at the “Documents” link given above)

  1. Start: Introductions and Roll Call
  2. Minutes: Approve last week’s minutes and review/update this week’s agenda
  3. Action Items: review open action items
  4. Discussion: (slides at: http://www.osehra.org/node/47/content/documents ) under AWG minutes


STRATEGIC VISION (HYPOTHETICAL): Moving VistA to an open source environment, modern tools will increase innovation, agility and software quality.


STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE (HYPOTHETICAL): Having Vista modules at OSEHRA by 1 October 2012, so that VA hospitals can download software modules from the open source environment.


DISCUSSION ISSUES for 7-9 Feb LOCKDOWN (Based on previous AWG discussions)

  1. Clear statement of October objectives (CM, VA code at OSEHRA, new processes)
    • Establish an open-source development process the community will support (Agile).
    • Thoroughly understand and document the VA (waterfall) methodology.
    • Align as best as possible, what we have put in place with what the VA currently does, hitting on points of intersection.
    • OSEHRA Continue assisting in the VA migration from waterfall to agile by demonstrating value-added faster, better, cheaper methodologies, tools-and-services.
      • Modernize VA development processes
      • OSEHRA provide the platform for modernization.
  2. Who is in charge … OSEHRA and VA POCs for October objective?
  3. Change Management within VA
    • Processes
    • Tools
    • Roles and Responsibilities
  4. Scope of October objective
  5. Kernel & Fileman OR Class 1 OR Class 1 & 3 modules?
  6. IEHR transition & Refactored modules?
    • iEHR data store (Federated Data-Management Services)
    • Enterprise Service Bus and Broker (ESB)
      • Access and Identity management
      • Secure Communications services
      • Privacy & Security
      • Information and Terminology Services
      • Reporting
    • Presentation Application
  7. Contents of FOIA release vs. VA Class 1 “gold disk” product definition
  8. VA or OSEHRA issue KIDS patches to hospitals?
  9. Document, track and fix at OSEHRA or VA?
  10. Timeliness of VA FOIA release and patches to OSEHRA to support VA checkout
  11. What to do about problems found in October configurations?
  12. Process for VA to accept modified (e.g., fixed or updated) modules from OSEHRA
  13. Joint VA-OSEHRA test & certification processes and handoffs
  14. VA use of OSEHRA online tools

Previous Issues discussed related to Product Definition:

  1. What are the selection criteria for the OSEHRA “Core” modules.
  2. What is the process for introducing Class III software into the OSEHRA repository where the Class III software requires modifications to the “Core” Class I modules.
  3. Keith Cox of VA mentioned that VA management has put on hold the internal VA process for converting Class III software to Class I because the new process will now involve OSEHRA. 
  4. There are many questions related to the 10-1 initiative in regards to the Class III software.  We know that there are differences between the local VistA instance vs. the “Gold” Class I version because the Class I module had to be modified to interoperate with the Class III software.   Since the Class III software are integral part of the clinical operation, i.e., patient safety, does it make sense to update local instance to OSEHRA “Gold” and then re-patch them for Class III software operation?