Code Convergence Meeting 06-20-2012

Code Convergence Meeting 06-20-2012


Porting ZGO to GT.m

Repository layout

  • George Lilly mentioned that WV is using git and our repository layout for dew drop and should be available shortly

Beta RPMS repo

DUZ(2) subscripted files

  • George asked about examples on how this works
  • George mentioned that it would be neat to separate different division's/institution's files
  • Need to post code review for ZGO modifications by friday

Moving call to Thursdays @3:30

  • Attendees on the call said it was ok with them
  • We will send out notification/poll to the list informing about the change weeks before the change happens

Bashkar joined the call

  • Mentioned he will block out the time on his calendar and will be available in the future
  • Asked to e-mail him if we need him on phone calls

Demo of hackathon on GT.m Debian package

  •  Would be useful for the community to see

KIDS documentation

  • Ron Dimicelli has been putting up lots of information on the KIDS format to the OSEHRA wiki
  • Would be useful to create filters for KIDS files (easy - no custom questions to the programmer is doing interesting things here)

10/1 expansion

  • Informed group that the VA has moved from 6 packages to 21-22 packages.