Development Tools - Hands-On Exercise

Development Tools - Hands-On Exercise

This Wiki page describes a hands-on exercise whose goal is to familiiarize developers with the set of tools that have been deployed by OSEHRA to support the community.

In particular, at the end of this exercise, a participant would have:

  • Used Git to clone the source code repository of VistA
  • Submitted a run of the test suite to the Dashboard
  • Created a github account
  • Forked the VistA git repository
  • Created and submitted a patch to the code review system, Gerrit
  • Created an account in the issue tracker, JIRA
  • Created an account in the Technical Journal, and get familiar with the template format for submitting articles.


The goal of these tools is to provide the low-cost communication mechanisms that enable the community to coordinate the software development activities.

The guide document for the exercise is available at