EWD: a web app framework for GT.M and Cache

EWD: a web app framework for GT.M and Cache

I've just submitted a techincal report on EWD which some of you may find interesting.

In summary:

EWD is a web application development framework that has been specifically designed for use with GT.M and Caché.  It can be used to not only develop new web applications, but also web-enable existing legacy applications.  As such it is an ideal framework for modernizing VistA.

EWD has been specifically designed to:

  • be intuitive and simple to learn and understand
  • be highly productive in use
  • significantly reduce the cost and overhead of downstream maintenance
  • be highly secure
  • create very high performance applications
  • be user-extensible
  • integrate with all major Javascript frameworks

EWD is available free of charge.  It is subject to a commercial license for Caché, but for GT.M it is available as an Open Source product, licensed under the Affero GPL Version 3 license.

The document can be viewed at either:







EWD at DevTools Webinar - Wednesday January 25th - 3pm EST

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Rob will be our invited speakers for the upcoming Developement Tools Webinar on Wednesday January 25th at 3pm EST.

More details in this link:



In this session,  Rob will introduce EWD, the Enterprise Web Developer framework that provides a gateway for VistA installations to connect to web applications, including mobile devices. EWD is making possible to project VistA user interface directly into the mobile world and it is one of the most exciting developments in the effort of bringing innovation to VistA.


 For a description of EWD, please refer to the Techical Journal article that Rob shared recently here, as well to the excellent documentation available at the MGateway web site   In particular the following Tutorials: