Meeting Notes From December 06, 2011

Meeting Notes From December 06, 2011

An OSEHRA/VA Certification IPT meeting was held on December 06, 2011.  The call covered a great deal of ground beginning with some initial discussions about harmonizing the issue trackers at OSEHRA and the VA, and seguing into a discussion on requirements for the VA October 2012 delivery.  The presentation slides and raw notes from the discussion (see slides 14, 15, 17 and 24) can be found in OSEHRA Cert Meeting DECK_12_06_2011.  Summary notes are below.


The VA currently has 100s to 1000s of remedy tickets yearly.  Ideally, OSEHRA would have insight into the VA tracking process.  Access to the VA Intranet would help, but is not currently available.  The solution should not require VA developers to duplicate work on both systems.  This is still an open issue, but suggestions during the meeting include:

  • How do VA projects get into JIRA?
    • Adding an OSEHRA agent to the contract reporting list so that when contracts are written to address issues OSEHRA is notified
    • Generate a report from the Project Management Accountability System (PMAS)

​This is similar to the first question , but in the other direction.  How does the VA receive a report on the remedies and new capabilities that are available from OSEHRA or obtain information on remedy tickets that are being tracked from OSEHRA.  The VA needs to know when new capability has been made available so that it can make a decision to pursue intake and define additional artifacts that may be required for adoption.  Similarly, when remedy tickets are contributed to OSEHRA, the VA needs to be informed so that they can either track open source progress against the ticket or decide to apply VA resources to solve the issue.

  • How can OSEHRA modify JIRA to support VA project flow? 
    • The VA is asking that OSEHRA prepare a Certification Report to be released weekly that describes all the code that has gone through Certification and is ready for adoption by the VA.
    • This can be sent out to the entire community as a standard message.
    • The VA would then issue a reciprocal report to indicate if/when items are taken in.
    • Test cases for walking projects from submission to OSEHRA through to intake by the VA are being executed in coordination with Mike O'Neill.
  • How can we keep the JIRA remedy requests synchronized with the VA.
    • A remedy ticket entered into JIRA would trigger a message to the VA Triage Group.
    • OSEHRA Question: Who do we work with on this?  Is there an electronic format compatible with the VA system that would allow the reports to be imported directly with minimal intervention?
    • Issues will benefit from maintaining an ongoing dialog and maintaining a synchronized priority.

​There is significant concern about the form, responsiveness, and mechanisms of the interaction between the VA and OSEHRA preceding the 10/2012 deadline.  The questions concern how code is accepted into the OSEHRA code base, what the lag is between submission and acceptance, how changes are managed, how changes are retrieved from the OSEHRA codebase and brought into the VA codebase, and how many additional resources will be required on the VA side to manage this interaction between now and 10/2012.  After discussion on this topic, we believe it is beyond the scope of the OSEHRA/VA Certification IPT, but it is critical to get answers to the following questions in some forum.

  • October 2011 Release Schedule issues
    • How do we synchronize between VA processes and OSEHRA releases?
    • Timing and synchronization of releases
    • Can we get a delivery process defined from the repository group?
    • Can we get an October 2012 critical path diagram?

​The following action items were identified as part of the meeting.  Status is indicated at the end of the line when applcable:

    • Action Items
      • Report on this meeting - Complete (this wiki entry)
      • Follow up with clarity on what October 2012 status is - Issue passed to OSEHRA governance 
        • Who is involved with the discussions from OSEHRA?
        • Who is involved from the VA side?
      • Determine if a 1 week long certification IPT Face-to-Face is possible/appropriate - Request passed to OSEHRA governance
        • Mid-January – Virginia?
      • OSEHRA/VA Certification IPT Charter - In Process
      • Proposed process vs. As Is - Draft Complete, Please see the "OSEHRA Software Quality Certification Plan"