Meeting Notes From December 20, 2011

Meeting Notes From December 20, 2011

An OSEHRA/VA Certification IPT meeting was held on December 20, 2011.  The call covered a review of current certification status, a Review of Action Items from the December 06, 2011 meeting, some current issues including name and number space management concerns and some planning for the next meeting of January 10, 2012.  The presentation slides and raw notes from the discussion can be found in OSEHRA Cert Meeting DECK_12_20_2011.  Summary notes are below.

  • Dee Barrow
  • Wesley Turner
  • Matt McCall
  • Christopher Edwards
  • Minao Murphy
  • Chris Rhodes
  • David Merrill
  • Evan Tradup
Review of status:
  • Meeting Schedule Established.
    • ​2:00-3:00 Alternate Tuesdays
    • We will resume on January 10th after the holidays
  • ​Indian Health Service Participation
    • ​IHS will be participating in near term.
  • ​OSEHRA Management of Namespace/Number space
    • ​OSEHRA management of this process confirmed.
  • ​XINDEX Issues
    • ​Initial run against 12/06/2022 FOIA w/out Exemptions
    • Analysis run without exemptions available
    • Analysis run with exemptions available ASAP - Now available
Action Items From December 06, 2011:

The following action items from the 12/06/2011 meeting were addressed:

We will work to ensure that topics salient to the Certification Working Group are reported back to the group.

  • Can we do 1 week long certification IPT Face-to-Face
    • Issue passed on to OSEHRA governance

OSEHRA is aware of the request for face-to-face meetings and the Certification Working Group continues to advocate for them. In the interim, OSEHRA will be holding a series of outreach meetings at:

Salt Lake City: January 17th-18th, 2012

Austin: February 22nd-23rd, 2012

Bay Pines: March 20th-21st, 2012

Albany: April 5th-6th, 2012

Oakland: April 17th-18th, 2012

We further recommend that a preliminary process document accompany the outreach personnel.

The proposed charter has been placed on a wiki page for comments and modification.

Name/Number Space ManagementHow does VA currently perform this process?
  • Julie Harvey – POC
  • Catherine Pfeil may be good contact if Julie is not available
  • No standard form …
    • Contact Julie, let her know and negotiate
    • Some third parties do interact with the VA
Remedy and Forum Access
  • Remedy tickets 100s-1000s
  • Access to intranet would be ideal
  • Duplicating work not palatable
  • Could we be added to contract report?
  • Report from Project Management Accountability System (PMAS)
  • What should we take as next steps?
  • VA will cogitate and make recommendations …

The current thought from this group is that the participation of external entities in this Work Group such as IHS is desirable so long as it does not interfere with the October 2012 deadline.

​The following action items were identified as part of the meeting.  Status is indicated at the end of the line when applcable:

    • Action Items
      • Report on the 12/20/2011 meeting - Complete (this wiki entry)
      • Review and revise Charter Document
      • Contact Julie Harvey regarding Name/Number Space Procedures - Complete
      • Contact Catherine Pfeil and get informal guidance on Name/Number Spaces as well (Minao/Evan)
      • Bug tracking harmonization
        • Contact Judy Brockert ( to determine Product Support participants (Wes)
        • Think about a useful mechanism (All)
      • Investigate iPad Connectivity to Webinar (Wes) - In Process