Procedures for Contributing Code and Performing Code Reviews

Procedures for Contributing Code and Performing Code Reviews

These wiki pages define the concrete steps necessary for a user of the OSEHRA EHR system to contribute code back to the OSEHRA code base, or to perform a review in support of code submitted by another individual.  The process is divided into two sections corresponding to those divisions.  Code developed for inclusion into, or evaluation for interoperability with the OSEHRA code base can come in three forms:

  • Bug fixes or minor code modifications
  • Formal OSEHRA Code Releases
  • New module contributions or major refactoring
Depending upon the nature of the code change being proposed or reviewed, the code submission process and the review tool will change; however, the goal remains of verifying software quality to ensure code contributions are Safe, Functional, and Compliant as defined in the OSEHRA Software 

Section 1:  Submitting Code to the OSEHRA Code Base

Section 2:   Reviewing Code after Submission

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