Reviewing Submissions to the Gerrit Code Review System

Reviewing Submissions to the Gerrit Code Review System


Gerrit code reviews are intended to ensure that contributed code modifications and release versions are of high quality and suitable for integration into the OSEHRA code base.  There is no technical differentiation between the two types of review on the Gerrit Code Review site, but we do differentiate them procedurally.

Bug fixes and minor code modifications are considered to be local changes.  The reviewer is intended to review the specific code submitted for review and to compare unit and regression tests from before the inclusion of the submission in the code base with unit and regression tests after the inclusion of the submission.

Release versions contain no code changes beyond the change of version number.  Instead, the reviewer is expected to look at the corpus of changes that were added since the last release version.  This code review is manual and should only be undertaken by someone skilled in Git and knowledgeable with the VistA system.  Since release reviews can encompass a large number of code changes, they also represent a substantial investment in time to complete. 

For both types of code submissions, the review is in two stages.

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