Submitting code in response to a standard JIRA ticket

Submitting code in response to a standard JIRA ticket


To submit code in response to a standard JIRA ticket, first obtain a current release from the OSEHRA code repository and follow the directions to set up a testing environment and execute the tests.  Download the “OSEHRA M-Code Primary Developer Checklist” and follow the procedures referenced in that document to verify code operation prior to and after the code modifications.

  Once the code modification is ready, complete the “M-Code Primary Developer Checklist”, attach it to the Jira ticket, and proceed to to complete the push of the code into Gerrit, referencing the Jira ticket number in the description of the code change.

Note that if the code requires modifications or additions to the testing repository, the Gerrit submission process should be executed twice, first in the testing checkout and then in the OSEHRA code checkout.  In this case the description provided during the Gerrit code push should refer to the testing checkin as well as the Jira issue.  Any required supplemental material from above should be attached to the Jira ticket.



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