Technical Journal Peer Review

Technical Journal Peer Review

A peer review is a necessary confirmation that the submitted code is of sufficiently high quality so as to be eligible for inclusion in the OSEHRA code base.  Peer reviews can be made by anyone, and multiple peer reviews are allowed and encouraged; however, at least one passing peer review must be made by a trusted individual if the code is to be considered for adoption. 

To perform a peer review, go to the OTJ site and log in.  Find the article you want to review.  Click on the article to bring up the publication page and then click the Review tag (Figure 5).  The review checklist page article will be displayed (Figure 6).  Make sure the “Peer Review” tab is selected and walk through the review process indicated in the peer review checklist.  As each test is verified, check it off.  When all checks are made in a section, the corresponding upper level bullet will become checked and turn green.  Once the review is complete, click the “Submit Review” button to finalize the review and send the attestation to the OSEHRA Code Quality Dashboard.  Note that any sections that are red when the “Submit Review” button is clicked will show up as a failing test on the dashboard.

Figure 5- OTJ Article page with the formal review button indicated.


Figure 6- OSEHRA formal review page with Peer Review indicated.


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