Thumbs Up Review

Thumbs Up Review

Thumbs up reviews are the simplest reviews, but in some sense can be the most powerful.  Thumbs Up reviews are available to the entire OSEHRA community and giving code a “Thumbs Up” or a “Thumbs Down” is voting for, or against that code being brought into the OSHERA code base.  The “Thumbs Up” is not a substitute for a full Software Quality Certification, but it is a mechanism to prioritize and establish the desirability and utility of new capability.

To perform a “Thumbs Up” review, go to the OTJ site and log in.  Find the article you like (or dislike).  Click on the article to bring up the publication page and click on the thumbs up or thumbs down symbol to indicate a positive or negative impression of the paper (Figure 5).  Comments on why you voted are welcome and encouraged.


Figure 5- OTJ Article page with the thumbs up review indicated.

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