vxJourney - VistA Webinars

vxJourney - VistA Webinars

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2013 Webinars Schedule   March

03/26/2013 4 PM EST - Register Now-The VistA Extensions Hub and Open Source Community Support 

Presented by:Fabian Lopez     


03/27/2013 4 PM EST - Register Now-RadWise Clinical Decision Support 

Presented by:Katherine Gray/Kristi Emerson


03/28/2013 4 PM EST - Register Now-OSEHRA - Bridging the Public and Private Sector OS Activities 

VA has lead the OS community by integrating OS best practice deeply into their operations. This is beginning to have a profound positive impact to the OS electronic health record  and health IT community as whole. This presentation will focus on successes and challenges of OSEHRA as it fulfills its mission of a OS custodial agent.Presented by:Seong K. Mun



04/04/2013 4 PM EST - Register Now-Discussion of the original Vista MailMan messaging architecture

MailMan was envisioned as a general purpose messaging system to connect providers, patients, files, and services.  It was also a digital conferencing system, supporting threaded conversations between thousands of users.  This Webinar will talk about some of these design visions, and their evolution (or not) over the years, along with some thoughts about how they may be applicable to future architectures.Presented by:Tom Munecke  

04/09/2013 4 PM EST - Register Now-GT.M interface to NodeJS

Presented by:Luis Ibanez 


04/16/2013 4 PM EST - Register Now-ISI RadTech Tool - a GUI alternative to Roll & Scroll for Radiology Technologists 

The ISI RadTech Tool v1.0 is the first phase of a project to provide a graphical user interface (GUI) for the clerk & technologist functions of VistA's Radiology package v5.0. The RadTech Tool provides an alternative GUI inteface for the following radiology functions: create orders, register exams, review/enter/edit exams, case edit, cancel exams, cancel/hold orders, and report & requisition views.The ISI RadTech Tool v1.0 works with the standard VistA Radiology v5.0 package and does not alter or customize released code. The tool also aims to observe existing VistA Radiology business rules and site configuration restraints.The first phase of the RadTech Tool aims to provide coverage for a limited radiology work flow from order entry to when the study is performed. However, plans are under way to expand the tool to provide an interface for all phases of the radiology workflow from order entry, exam registration, results, review, and final completion.

Presented by: Stuart Frank

Presented by: Mike Stark


04/18/2013 4 PM EST - Register Now-EWD based PIMS for VistA

Presented by:Rohit Kumar


04/18/2013 4 PM EST - Register Now-On-Demand Floor Stock Medication Ordering

 This webinar will provide instructions related to drug distribution and inventory management.   Drug products can be automatically inventoried and delivered to an area of use (AOU) or requested on demand (WS).  The webinar will provide information related to Pharmacy setup and nursing options for on-demand requests.Presented by:Jeanette Klement/Marvin Friedman 



05/07/2013 4 PM EST - Register Now-GT.M interface to Python

Presented by:Luis Ibanez   

05/09/2013 5:30 PM EST - Register Now-AxioM

Presented by:David Wicksell  

05/14/2013 2 PM EST - Register Now-Register Now-Need a Scanning Solution?

Presented by:Jeanette Klement


05/14/2013 4:30 PM EST - Register Now-VPE Software

Presented by:Greg Kreis  

05/28/2013 4 PM EST - Register Now-GT.M port to ARM processors

Presented by:Luis Ibanez 




06/19/2013 3 PM EST - Register Now-Need a Release of Information Solution which is HIPAA Compliant?

Presented by:Jeanette Klement 

06/25/2013 4 PM EST - Register Now-E Pluribus Unum: Strategies for multi-site, multi-division VISTA

 The page E Pluribus Unum: Strategies for multi-site, multi-division VISTA does not exist.Presented by:Rick Marshall  



07/09/2013 4:30 PM EST - Register Now-Introducing Mumps

 M is the latest name for the MUMPS language - which was revised as recently as 2005 by ISO. All the major VistA derivative solutions (WorldVistA, vxVistA, and Medsphere’s OpenVistA) are MUMPS (henceforth M) based solutions are derived from the FOIA release of VA/VHA VistA. M is at the core of many of the largest healthcare and financial systems that everyone in the world interacts with on a daily basis. It is a language derived from years of healthcare and finance experience - and years of development after 1969 both inside and outside of Mass. General.Presented by:Greg Kreis 

07/18/2013 4 PM EST - Register Now-vxGroup Notes

  This training webinar will focus on reviewing the functionality of vxGroup Notes and streamlining the documentation processPresented by:Jeanette Klement 




09/12/2013 4 PM EST - Register Now-E Pluribus Unum: Strategies for Multi-site, Multi-division VISTA Part 2 of 4: Conflict & Forces

 Presented by:Rick Marshall

09/18/2013 4 PM EST - Register Now-GT.M binding to Ruby

 Presented by:Luis Ibanez

09/19/2013 4 PM EST - Register Now-E Pluribus Unum: Strategies for Multi-site, Multi-division VISTA Part 3 of 4: Architecture & Living Structure

 Presented by:Rick Marshall 



10/29/2013 4 PM EST - Register Now-vxBCMA Overview

Presented by:Jeanette Klement, Margarita Martinez, Brittany Prnka



11/05/2013 4 PM EST - Register Now-vxBCMA – Medication Administration – PRN Orders and PRN Effectiveness Reporting

Presented by:Jeanette Klement, Margarita Martinez, Brittany Prnka

11/12/2013 4 PM EST - Register Now-vxBCMA – Medication Administration – Using CPRS Medication Order Functionality

Presented by:Jeanette Klement, Margarita Martinez, Brittany Prnka